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Rules and regulation to be followed by all teaching & Non Teaching Staff

  • All the staff have to mention time of his/her arrival on the Attendance register along with the signature.
  • Those opting for half days leave would be considered under real grave needs only.Two half day leave shall be equivalent for one CL .(casual leave)
  • Use of mobile phone while in the class is strictly prohibited. If found so then it is subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Application for grant of leave are admissible for prior information for pre planned/ pre scheduled programmes shall be granted and the teacher shall be treated as absent from his/her duty and salary shall be deducted for the period he/she remains absent.
  • The unused of CLs will be encashed on diwali.
  • No teacher is allowed to give private tuition to the students of these schools or at least of the same class which him /her teacher in the school.
  • All the teachers especially ladies have to come in come in sober, simple and tidy clothes no fashionable clothing allowed.
  • In school premises only English speaking is allowed. Any teacher found interacting with students in Hindi only Hindi teachers exempted from this rule is subjected disciplinary action.
  • Incremen will depend upon the teacher’s performance throughout academic session.
  • Two month’s salary of every teacher shall always remain with the school as security (deposit is refundable) after his/her resignation /removal from the school with condition as mentioned on declaration while appointment. This security shall be deducted from the teachers in a maximum of 6 installment from their salary.
  • CTs have to keep their class attendance register, Teacher’s diary &other paper works complete & up to date.
  • The staff who will take admission for their child from academic session 2019-20 all will get 50% waiver on each and every head ie. Admission fee, Annual fee & tuition fees except transportation fee.
  • As per CBSE rule the staff salary will be given in the account released before 10th every month.
  • Five minutes after reporting time up to one hour shall be considered as late . After one hour reporting time, half leave shall be considered &six short leave shall be considered as one full leave.
  • Any time before dispersal time up to one hour short leave shall be considered & six leave shall be considered as one full leave.
  • Candidate taking more than thirty leaves in a academics session shall not be considered for increment.
  • One each miss punch one half day salary will be deducted Any interpretation, amendment relaxation, cancellation etc to the above or any other rule regulation is the sole right of the management and is kindling on all staff in the school.